Valor Corp. strives to create local partnerships as it is important for our Veterans to see that the community they live in supports them. Our mission is to provide all Veterans with the necessary tools to achieve and maintain a superior quality of life. Valor Corp operates as a 501c3 General Contractor with a Residential Endorsement with no paid positions or any funding that would restrict our mission. An honorable 100% of donations is given to Alaska Veterans. The Nonprofit is strategically structured with zero tolerance policy in regards to wasted donations. Operating as our own General Contractor reduces our building price a substantial amount and eliminates contractor fees. Not only has local community support allowed us to mainly focus on sustained life improvement and empowering the Veteran by providing basic needs such as new construction single family homes, ADA access, and personal rate rentals as building blocks towards lifelong progression, but has also allowed Valor to provide job placement, onsite training, and Veteran to Veteran camaraderie including licensed psychological therapy for them to engage at their own free will if needed.

Valor Corporation Andrew Jurasek Deployed 2012

   1SG US Army Ret. Bodey Turner CHIEF operations officer, Alaska veteran vice president, assistant treasurer

1SG US Army Ret. Bodey Turner
Chief Operations Officer, Alaska Veteran
Vice President, Assistant Treasurer

"Temporary “assistance” and momentary distractions from debilitating and restrictive trauma does not solve the problems our Veterans endure. After personally serving in the US Army for 23 years inclusive of just under 4 years as the First Sergeant at the Warrior Transition Unit on Fort Richardson; I have seen firsthand how detrimental putting a Band-Aid over a bullet hole can be for our Veterans, especially those with harsh conditions of PTSD, complications of conversion into civilian life and family issues.