The suicide death rate of US military is 24 times the death rate by war related deaths.

The suicide death rate of US military is 24 times the death rate by war related deaths.


Valor Corp can help you out of renting and into your own home. Many warriors have a hard time navigating the VA loans, finding homes to meet requirements, or have financial issues. We've been there, and we can help.


Whether you just enlisted or you are about to end your enlistment, we have no contract short-term transition housing available at a discounted price for all Honorably Discharged Veterans. This option is also great for waiting on homes to be built, or even utilizing our Rent to Own Program.


ADA Compatible

Our hearts ache for our warriors who lost more than just time with loved ones while overseas. At least one unit in all of our four plexes will be ADA complaint for those who need a home to fit their needs. We also offer design and construction of ADA single family homes at no additional cost.


Operation: Homes for Heroes is inclusive of building four rental combinations and two home building options for Veterans in all situations. The four rental options are:

 1.   90 Day Free Housing

 ◦    Our 90 day free housing option is strictly for jobless honorably discharged Veterans that are sober. Resume assistance, job application assistance, and carpentry skills will be offered to all Veterans. All Veterans must agree to a urinalysis at any given time to decide if further help is needed for their rehabilitation.

 2.   Transitional Housing

 ◦    Short term transitional housing shall be available to all active duty military transitioning back into civilian life. This option is also for those veterans coming out of the 90 days free transition homes whom have gained employment. These rentals will be offered in short term leases, encouraging veterans to use our home ownership programs. These units will be discounted up to 40% of the local rental rates.

 ◦    Extended transitional housing will also be available for veterans and veterans with their families whom need more time before they are able to transit into home ownership and stability. This program can be utilized by families and veterans whom have an excess of medical bills and/or any other proven debt which would inhibit them from progressing through the rehabilitation cycle. All veterans must remain in good program graces and be actively working towards bettering themselves. Every circumstance will be evaluated case by case.

 3.   ADA Housing Reduced Rate Rental

 ◦    ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 2010) housing will be offered for our service men and women whom have lost more than just time away from family while serving. It is important to us to accommodate every veteran alike with no discrimination. We will offer one ADA unit per fourplex no matter the cost of change in design, appliances, or fixtures.

 Each one of these units will be available per fourplex i.e. each fourplex will contain one 90 day free housing, one short term transitional unit, one extended transitional unit and one ADA unit. We believe keeping this outline mirrors with our mission in camaraderie and veteran socialization that they need. The occupancy size per rental will be in correlation with the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms.

The two types of VA Loan home building options are:

 1.   Self Help Program

 ◦    The Self-Help program allows Veterans not only to participate in building their own home, but also lessen the overall construction and labor cost. There will always be a licensed Contractor with a Alaska Residential Endorsement on site, along with proper licensed professionals when the potential home owners want to participate in home building. We offer this option because we believe that you appreciate and take care of things one has worked hard for.

2 Home Design/Build

 ◦    For Veterans who don't need help, but would still like a more affordable way to own your home, we also offer a home design and building at a far lower rate than competitive mass production home builders in Alaska.